Modules renamed

With the EE store active, we had to change some of our module names as the name where to generic...

Apps must avoid “generic” names that would likely conflict now or in the future with native ExpressionEngine functionality. Example: use “Acme Maps” instead of “Maps”.

In order to change the whole name to something different, we decided to put the name "reinos" in front as the prefix. So for example the module Maps will become Reinos Maps. As this is a big change in the achitecture, we roll the modules slowly one by one into the EE store.


IMPORTANT: Before doing anything, make a backup of your database and the affected modules

If you have for example maps running on your website, you will need to install the updated module reinos_maps and install it. By instaling the module, all of your data from the maps module will be migrated to the reinos_maps module. And by installing the reinos_maps module, the module maps will be unistalled automaticlly and also removed to avoid conflicts.

However, because the name of the module has been changed, you also need to rename the module calls. For example {exp:maps:init} will become {exp:reinos_maps:init} and so on.

For the Maps module, you need to install it twice. The first installation will modify some files to ensure a safe installation.


We are not happy with this change, as it also affect you, our customer! But its needed for the EE eco-system and for some upcoming features from EE.

If you have further questions, shoot us on