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Before you create a ticket, read the following.

  • Turn off all caching (native cache, CECache, Varnish etc).
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the add-on. The bug you are reporting may already be fixed.
  • Include all template code that is relevant to your issue. If you mention the words "template", "entries tag" etc, paste the code in the ticket. I can't read your mind.
  • Please look at your JavaScript console for any errors that may be reported.
  • If you are reporting an error, please include relevant error messages in your browser or in your JavaScript console.

Please describe the issue you are encountering in as great of detail as you can.

  • If the issue occurs at a specifc URL, include the URL as well as the template group and file name used to display that URL, as well as the entire contents of the template.
  • If the issue is specific to a particular entry or category tell me those IDs.

If you provide FTP information, please do not send me the root user FTP information. Create a new FTP account with only access to the EE site's installation folder. Please test read and write permissions on the files before providing the FTP information.

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