The basics of a Store are the ingredients for this "Simple Store" module. Create a store in a couple of minutes without spending a lot of money due the overhead of features you are never using!

Simple Store support the following features (feature closed* to keep it simple and cheap)

  • Multi currency
  • Multi Country
  • Entries as products
  • Simple discount system (coupon code and based on member ID)
  • Order overview (and export to csv)
  • Calculate TAX on your products (2 different rates)
  • Shipping cost and shipping tax
  • Connect to a payment provider: `mollie` `paypal` or `manual` (that list will grow!)

Key features

Simple to use

Just create a product channel and you can sell your products

Multi currency

Setup different currency based on your own country


Notifications are enabled by default

Powerfull tags

The tags that are available are powerfull enough to do the job


TAX and Shipping can be set on a global level via the EE CP

Simple and easy order overview

List your orders and view your order easily with the default order page


Create discount based on a coupon code or grant discounts to just member (ids)



Clean overview of the orders with some basic email confirmation


Powerful settings and good logging of the store