Maps suite version 3.x

"A clean slate"

As of today (02-12-2020), we are proud to release version 3.0.0 of the maps suite. This is a major update that fixed a lot of issues and spaghetti code under the hood. 
In this major update we fully refactored the PHP and JS (ES6+) so they work on all latest versions. Also, this update makes it possbile to add easily more functionality to the core of the modules, so stay tuned what we bring in the future grin

Maps specific

Worth mention is that we added support for Google Streetview and removed jQuery as a dependency.

Maps Fieldtype specific

For the Maps Fieldtype we also updated the UI/UX a bit. We removed the fields an buttons that where above the Map and moved it to the Map self. By doing this, we want to make more space for the actual layers, like zoom and panning. But also to include the search in a better way.


To make the upgrade process working without doing a lot of changes, we decided that this version is only compatible with only the version in the list below. This means that you need to have at least that version to upgrade to the latest version 3.x


The migration tool has been removed from the Maps Fieldtype module and moved to a new module called "Maps Migration". For now the migration tool allows you the migrate from the old "Gmaps" module to the "Maps" module. But it will also include the migration from the old "Google Maps for ExpressionEngine" to the "Maps" module in the near future.

Legacy versions (v2.x.x)

All modules will also shipped with the latest v2.x.x release. This version will be supported and will receive new releases with just bugfixes.


Both v2.x.x as v3.0.0 support EE6


For a full changelog of the modules, see the changelog page of that module