Webservice is a module that creates a REST/XMLRPC/SOAP server under the hood of the ExpressionEngine CMS. It support out of the box an API for entries with support for third party addons support (Grid, Matrix, Playa, Relationship etc...). Additional you can extend the API with other APIs like;Comments, Categories, Channels etc...

Key features

Multiple services

No struggling! Webservice support SOAP, XMP-RPC and REST

Native member permissions

Webservice use the EE permissons to restrict data.


All requests are logged to get an overview of the usage of the services.

Multiple auth options

Auth a user via username/password, shortkey, or token based. You name it, we can do it.


Under the hood, webservice got a great caching mechanism. Some data takes time to parse, thats where the caching comes to play.


Need more functions, more apis. No problem, webserivce is flexible and currently there are more then 10 extensions for the module.

Testing tool

As important as it is, the module comes with a great testing tool to test your requests.

Support third pary

Webservice support a lot of great modules (Matrix, Playa, Publihser, Structure etc.) and also almost native fieldtypes (Grid, Relationship etc.). Check our documentation for the list.


Testing tool

Very extensive testing tool, to test your service and your apis


Integrated with the members from EE, native permissions!


Webserivce got a lot of settings, to let it do what you want